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This page chronicles the releases of Fortress Blast and how each of them changed from their previous releases, sorted in reverse chronological order. All dates are based on UTC -8 time.

Version 4.3.3, Apr 9 2021[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Administrator commands now check flag bits directly instead of loading a blank command.
  • Adjustment: Text for freeing a particle when all are in use now only shows up when in Debug Mode.
  • Adjustment: The maximum amount of particles a player can have has been increased to 25.
  • Adjustment: Debug Mode text now uses the default chat color instead of pure white.
  • Bug fix: Fixed removal of particles and powerups expiring leaking handles.
  • Bug fix: Fixed sm_setpowerup triggering an exception when used from the server console without enough parameters.
  • Bug fix: Fixed sm_setpowerup triggering an exception when used with a pattern that no clients matched.
  • Removal: Teleportation teleporting to spawn no longer shows a chat message.

Version 4.3.2, Apr 8 2021[edit | edit source]

Note: Due to an error on the developers end, the source code does not match the compiled binary. Do not use this release, use 4.3.3 or the latest version instead.

  • Addition: Players can no longer exit sentries within a second of becoming one to prevent accidental exits.
  • Addition: Players can no longer use Mystery if they cannot use any of the possible powerups Mystery can choose from.
  • Adjustment: sm_fortressblast_spawnroom_kill is now set to 0 by default, it will be removed in a later version.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an "invalid handle" exception when TF2 reuses an entity ID previous used for a powerup for a new powerup.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Fortress Blast leaking handles when using Magnetism or ULTRA POWERUP!!
  • Bug fix: Fixed a SourceMod exception when TF2 shuts down with Fortress Blast loaded.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Effect Burst adding effects to the underlying hidden player when players were using Become Sentry.

Version 4.3.1, Mar 26 2021[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Random floats now use SourceMod's random numbers instead of Valve's in addition to integers.
  • Adjustment: Mega Mann now caps max health based on the players class being Heavy rather than their max health being 300 or more.
  • Bug fix: Super Speed code will no longer alter players' speed if their Super Speed has ran out.
  • Bug fix: Super Speed no longer caps players speed to 520 HU/s if their previous speed was above 520 HU/s.
  • Bug fix: Fixed sm_fortressblast_intro not affecting the welcome message from joining the server or the plugin reloading.
  • Removal: Removal of bonus speed for Time Travel no longer shows the stunned icon.

Version 4.3, Mar 22 2021[edit | edit source]

Where has Fortress Blast been for over a year? Just fixing bugs no one asked for and adding a powerup for stuff we stole from TF2. Because yes, we are the kind of people to update a random plugin nobody cares about anymore at midnight.

  • Addition: Added powerup Become Sentry which causes the user to immediately turn into a Level 3 Sentry, which can be undone at any time except while being sapped.
  • Addition: Powerups will now spawn immediately upon late loads.
  • Addition: Unloading the plugin now deletes unusable powerups.
  • Adjustment: CollectedPowerup function is now the only means used to set powerups.
  • Adjustment: Fortress Blast now uses SourceMod's random numbers instead of Valve's to ensure numbers are more random.
  • Adjustment: Player manual now only provides instructions on disabling HTML MOTDs if the user has them disabled.
  • Adjustment: Shock Absorber and Frost Touch no longer provide damage resistance to telefrags.
  • Adjustment: Super Bounce now chooses whether or not to mitigate damage based on the source rather than the amount.
  • Adjustment: Teleportation now respawns users with full health and ammo when respawning due to no teleporters, instead of preserving their original health and ammo.
  • Adjustment: The command sm_setpowerup no longer runs itself to set multiple players' powerups.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an exploit allowing multiple Super Speed powerups to be used to gain a permanent speed advantage.
  • Bug fix: Fixed footsteps not playing correctly if too many Super Speeds were used at the same time.
  • Bug fix: Fixed some ConVars sometimes thinking certain JSON files did not exist when in fact they did.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Super Speed ending with 2 HU/s speed higher than what the user started with.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Super Speed not stacking correctly, possibly causing some speed to be lost.
  • Bug fix: Fixed the command sm_setpowerup triggering an error if it was run with no parameters.

Version 4.2.2, Mar 13 2020[edit | edit source]

Version 4.2.1, Mar 7 2020[edit | edit source]

  • Bug fix: Fixed Gift Hunt Attack/Defense mode not disabling after occurring at least once.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Ultra Powerup not responding to player actions and thus being impossible to use.

Version 4.2, Mar 6 2020[edit | edit source]

This update to Fortress Blast has been created with some small help from Benedevil (formatting) and Rushy (bug fixing), who have recently joined the development team.

  • Addition: Added ConVar sm_fortressblast_event_fools, which doesn't do anything, trust us. Super Bounce, Magnetism, Mystery and a bunch of other powerups definitely aren't affected by this.
  • Addition: Extra defines created and functions categorised to improve code readability.
  • Addition: Powerups now emit the Halloween spell spawn sound when they respawn.
  • Adjustment: The Monochrome book.svg player manual adjusted to be more readable and more accurate.
  • Adjustment: Multiple internal variables renamed and merged to reduce the amount of memory required by the plugin.
  • Adjustment: The command sm_setpowerup now accepts one argument as well as two, using only one argument will always target the user.
  • Adjustment: The powerups Mega Mann and Ultra Powerup have been adjusted to reduce the amount of health gained by a Heavy to only 3x normal.
  • Bug fix: Prevented bots from using powerups when they shouldn't be able to.
  • Bug fix: Prevented dead victims of Frost Touch from making an unfreeze sound.
  • Bug fix: Sealed certain timer function handles that weren't being closed, causing eventual crashes.

Version 4.1, Feb 13 2020[edit | edit source]

Version 4.0, Feb 10 2020[edit | edit source]

Congratulations, +attack3'ers! Fortress Blast has officially taken a Lootbox System, and we're ready to charge you $500 a day.

  • Addition: Added Dizzy Bomb powerup, which rotates the screens of all enemies within 512 units of the user for 5 seconds.
  • Addition: Added ConVars sm_fortressblast_dizzy_states and sm_fortressblast_dizzy_length to control the number of rotational states and length of time Dizzy Bomb utilises, these settings are useful for players that suffer from vertigo.
  • Addition: Added "ULTRA POWERUP!!", which gives 75% damage resistance, Super Speed, four times overheal, Frost Touch with no victim damage resistance, Magnetism and full criticals, all for 10 seconds.
  • Addition: Added ConVar sm_fortressblast_ultra_spawnchance to control the spawn chance of ULTRA POWERUP!!.
  • Adjustment: Added ConVar sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_multiply, which gradually increases the amount each gift is worth for the losing team in Gift Hunt.
  • Adjustment: Blast and Effect Burst now play sounds for enemies affected depending on the status effect.
  • Adjustment: Gift Hunt now supports Attack/Defense, in this mode the timer won't start until RED reaches their goal, and gifts don't spawn during setup.
  • Adjustment: Gift Hunt now supports neutral flag maps such as Hold The Flag.
  • Adjustment: Gifts no longer spawn if both teams have reached the gift goal.
  • Adjustment: The Monochrome book.svg player manual now uses an encrypted connection.
  • Bug fix: Fixed player movement sometimes flickering if trying to move during the pre-round freeze time.

Version 3.1, Jan 28 2020[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Added Effect Burst powerup, which upon use will give one of four negative effects to enemies in a large radius.
  • Addition: The Monochrome book.svg player manual now knows whether or not Gift Hunt is enabled.
  • Addition: Players can no longer use powerups if they have lost the round or are in a stalemate.
  • Addition: The collected powerup text now turns red if you're unable to use a powerup.
  • Adjustment: Server tags are now added to the start if they get truncated.
  • Adjustment: Mega Mann stuck-checking now prevents powerup use instead of checking one second into use.
  • Bug fix: Powerup particles are now removed if their owner dies.
  • Bug fix: Fixed being able to use Demoman's shields while using Time Travel.
  • Removal: Entering a Halloween Kart with a powerup no longer removes your powerup.

Version 3.0.4, Jan 18 2020[edit | edit source]

This new update of Fortress Blast is dependent on a new function recently added to Rest in Pawn. If you are updating Fortress Blast from an older version, please check Rest in Pawn's releases page and update your version of Rest in Pawn as well.

  • Adjustment: Replaced Fortress Blast's key check with the built-in one from Rest in Pawn, make sure to update Rest in Pawn as well for this to work.

Due to an oversight, the version number will show as '3.0.3' in-game.

Version 3.0.3, Jan 13 2020[edit | edit source]

  • Bug fix: Teleportation now respawns players while remembering their health and ammo, this fixes teleporting to inactive spawnpoints.

Version 3.0.2, Dec 22 2019[edit | edit source]

Version 3.0.1, Dec 17 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Added ConVar sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_countbots which controls whether or not bots are counted as players when calculating the Gift Hunt gift goal.
  • Adjustment: Gift Hunt now disables the King of the Hill timer.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Blast not working if trying to damage a building with debug mode enabled.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Teleportation ocassionally not teleporting the player.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Teleportation not spawning snowflake particles if the player was sent to spawn.

Version 3.0, Dec 10 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Added Magnetism powerup, which attracts or repels enemies depending on the user's current weapon slot.
  • Addition: Added ConVar sm_fortressblast_gifthunt which controls whether or not Gift Hunt is enabled, disabled by default.
  • Addition: The tag "fortressblast" is now automatically added to the current server with sv_tags.
  • Adjustment: Players frozen with Frost Touch now have 90% damage resistance.
  • Adjustment: File path checking is now done once per round instead of on map change.
  • Adjustment: Gift Hunt is now powered by .json files instead of custom maps.
  • Adjustment: Frost Touch ice statues no longer move after being created.

Version 2.2.1, Dec 3 2019[edit | edit source]

This Smissmas feels like the very first Smissmas to me! At least, the first one since we started tampering with stuff.

  • Addition: Added ConVar sm_fortressblast_event_xmas which controls whether Smissmas features are enabled or not.
  • Addition: Intro message is now festive-coloured during Smissmas.
  • Addition: Blast and Teleportation have extra particles and sounds during Smissmas.
  • Adjustment: Gifts are now only checked every tenth of a second to relieve server stress.
  • Bug fix: Fixed parts of Frost Touch ice statues disappearing depending on the class.

Version 2.2, Nov 26 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Added plugin description read by other SourceMod plugins.
  • Addition: Blast now does damage to buildings as well.
  • Addition: Added ConVar sm_fortressblast_blast_buildings to control the damage ratio of players to buildings.
  • Addition: Added command sm_coordsjson which prints the coordinates at the crosshair to chat (in a format easible insertable into a .json file).
  • Adjustment: Mega Mann stuck-check is now done by ray-tracing, which means players may stand still without being respawned.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bad ConVar reading which allowed any player to set their powerup with an admin command.

Version 2.1, Nov 25 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Added Teleportation powerup, which takes the user to an active team Teleporter, or back to their spawn if there are none.
  • Adjustment: ConVars are now stored in memory rather than being queried repeatedly.
  • Bug fix: sm_fortressblast_spawnroom_kill is no longer enforced after a round has been won.
  • Bug fix: Players using Mega Mann can no longer use teleporters.

Version 2.0.1, Nov 22 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Bug fix: Fixed Gift Hunt player count not resetting upon new rounds.
  • Bug fix: Fixed being able to use powerups while frozen with Frost Touch.

Version 2.0, Nov 21 2019[edit | edit source]

Christmas has come early to Fortress Blast. Before Thanksgiving, even. As you prepare to run frantically looking for gifts, we have created an entirely new gamemode to enjoy. Check out one of the maps here:

Version 1.1, Nov 16 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Added ConVar sm_fortressblast_powerups which allows enabling only certain powerups with a bitfield.
  • Addition: The MOTD is now responsive to the plugin's ConVars, specifically the powerups enabled and action required.
  • Adjustment: Debug mode text is now printed to the server console as well as to chat.
  • Bug fix: Engineers can no longer place buildings while in Mega Mann before the stuck check has taken place.

Version 1.0, Nov 9 2019[edit | edit source]

Woohoo, 1.0! We're out of beta :) Stay tuned for micropurchases!

For those nosy people who want to know what the code running on their computers does, here are some of what we changed:

  • Addition: Added Frost Touch powerup, which freezes enemies on touch.
  • Addition: Added Mystery powerup, which takes on the effects of another random powerup.
  • Addition: Powerups now use a custom model courtesy of ChargingTurnip.
  • Addition: sm_setpowerup now supports @bots and @humans.
  • Adjustment: Time Travel now puts you into third person.
  • Adjustment: Super Jump now takes into account your existing velocity.
  • Adjustment: Super Jump only gives you half height if you are using Mega Mann.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where a previous update broke the Mannpower support.

Version 0.4.1, Nov 6 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Adjustment: Mega Mann stuck checking is now done by a timer instead of tick counting.
  • Bug fix: Avoided getting stuck on slopes when using Mega Mann by raising players 16 units off the ground.
  • Removal: Powerups no longer spawn during waiting for players.

Version 0.4, Nov 4 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Added new Mega Mann powerup, which gives the player 1.75x size and 4x health for 10 seconds.
  • Addition: New ConVar sm_fortressblast_action_use to allow server owners to set their own powerup.
  • Adjustment: Default death drop rate is now 10% instead of 5%.
  • Adjustment: Time Travel lowered to 3 seconds instead of 5.
  • Adjustment: Changed Blast powerup to remove cloak and Time Travel.
  • Bug fix: Fixed powerup effects carrying over to new rounds.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Blast powerup lagging the server when used in Medieval mode.

Version 0.3, Oct 30 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: New ConVar sm_fortressblast_debugimplemented.
  • Addition: Added new Blast powerup, which creates an explosion that damages any nearby enemies.
  • Addition: Fortress Blast menu now uses an MOTD instead of in-game menus.
  • Addition: sm_setpowerup now supports @all, @red and @blue.
  • Bug fix: Fixed sm_setpowerup taking admin immunity into account.
  • Bug fix: Plugin now forcibly removes powerups each new round instead of relying on TF2.

Version 0.2, Oct 28 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Addition: Added beta particles system.
  • Addition: More ConVars for controlling powerup drops on death.
  • Adjustment: Collected powerup text moved from top-right to middle-right to avoid conflicting with killfeed.
  • Adjustment: Super Speed now takes into account external speed changes like weapons and minigun revving.
  • Bug fix: Introductory chat message spam reduced.
  • Bug fix: Fixed players not losing powerups on death.
  • Bug fix: Fixed Super Bounce glitching when attempting to jump with a very low stored velocity.
  • Bug fix: Fixed powerups ending early if they are used multiple times.
  • Bug fix: Fixed being able to use the grappling hook during Time Travel.
  • Bug fix: Fixed some Mannpower powerups not being replaced.

Version 0.1, Oct 25 2019[edit | edit source]

First release! It has a few bugs but it's stable and should work good.