Time Travel

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Time Travel is the sixth powerup in Fortress Blast. It was included in Fortress Blast's initial release and is inspired by the game Marble blast gold icon.png Marble Blast Gold.

It turns the user invisible, makes them super fast, and forces them into third person for 3 seconds, but during this time they cannot attack. This can be used to get past difficult obstacles or as an escape method.

Developer information[edit | edit source]

Through m_flMaxspeed, the player's speed is increased to 520 Hammer units per second (the maximum speed on ground). The player is also given condition 66 (TFCond_StealthedUserBuffFade). The player is blocked from attacking using the netprops m_flNextPrimaryAttack and m_flNextSecondaryAttack and by blocking the IN_ATTACK button. Both are used because the former strangely allows using the Sapper, and the latter is dependent on a player's ping.