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Powerup teleportation.png

Teleportation is the eleventh powerup in Fortress Blast. It was added to Fortress Blast in version 2.1 and is an original powerup based on the sound effect from Marble blast gold icon.png PlatinumQuest, rather than the powerup's functionality.

Upon use, the user's screen will turn white, and after a 0.5 second delay, they will be sent to a random Teleporter exit that is friendly and active. If there are none available, they will instead be sent to spawn. Since the delay is very short, Teleportation can easily be used to escape danger. The effects of Mega Mann are removed upon teleport to avoid getting stuck. During Smissmas, successfully teleporting with this powerup will spawn snowflakes and produce the sound of sleigh bells.

Developer information[edit | edit source]

During the first 0.5 seconds of the powerup used, Teleportation uses a color overlay to cover the screen in white over 0.5 seconds. After this, an active and friendly teleporter exit is chosen by the plugin (if possible) and its angles are used to face the user in the direction of the Teleporter. The user is also raised 24 Hammer units off the ground to avoid getting stuck inside the Teleporter. If no such teleporter is available, the user will be respawned instead. Teleportation's Smissmas features are controllable with the ConVar sm_fortressblast_event_xmas.