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Super Speed is the third powerup in Fortress Blast. It was included in Fortress Blast's initial release and is inspired by the game Marble blast gold icon.png Marble Blast Gold.

Super Speed greatly increases the user's speed, but this gained speed slowly decreases over an 8 second period. This powerup is used mainly for rollouts, clearing large gaps, or escaping from danger.

Developer information[edit | edit source]

The user's speed is changed every 0.1 seconds according to a variable counting down from 80 to 0 (80 iterations x 0.1 second interval = 8 seconds). The speed is adjusted based on the double of the variable's distance from 0. Additionally, the speed is recorded and compared, in case an external source has changed the speed during the powerup's effects (e.g. holstering the Tf2 logo.png Gloves of Running Urgently). Speed is changed using the netprop m_flMaxspeed rather than the in-game attribute.