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Super Bounce is the first powerup in Fortress Blast. It was included in Fortress Blast's initial release and is taken from the game Marble blast gold icon.png Marble Blast Gold.

Super Bounce operates by 'bouncing' a player into the air whenever they touch the ground for 5 seconds, with the same amount of velocity they had when falling. This allows players to fly or bunny hop around the map, as well as many other movements the enemy may not expect. Super Bounce is also useful for getting to places not usually accessible with the user's chosen class. Fall damage is blocked while Super Bounce is active. Gravity while using this powerup remains the same and is not affected by any ConVars, despite what others may believe.

Developer information[edit | edit source]

The player's velocity is stored once per tick while in the air, but within the first frame of touching the ground, the player's stored velocity will be inverted and set (downwards is negative velocity, which is inverted to upward velocity). This will not happen if the player's velocity is less than -250 due to this being the vertical velocity required to leave the ground, otherwise the player may get stuck. This results in players only bouncing 2 or 3 times when jumping from a standstill. Fall damage is delivered by worldspawn, which is why damage from entity 0 is blocked while using Super Bounce. However, since trigger_hurt damage (e.g. hazards) is also from worldspawn, damage is only blocked if it less than 100 damage in total. This does mean that slow hurts like Purgatory are blocked by Super Bounce, and large amounts of fall damage (like when playing as Saxton Hale) will not be blocked.