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sm_fortressblast_powerups is a ConVar in Fortress Blast that was added in version 1.1. It controls the powerups that are placed at the start of a round, dropped on death, and used by Mystery. It does not affect powerups that are set with sm_setpowerup or spawned with sm_spawnpowerup.

You cannot disable ULTRA POWERUP!! with this ConVar. Instead, sm_fortressblast_ultra_spawnchance should be set to 0.

To enable all powerups, use a value of -1 to avoid having to update the ConVar every time new powerups are added. Otherwise, the value of the ConVar should be a integer which is the sum of the needed powerups' bits, which are defined as below:

Powerup Bit
Super Bounce 1
Shock Absorber 2
Super Speed 4
Super Jump 8
Gyrocopter 16
Time Travel 32
Blast 64
Mega Mann 128
Frost Touch 256
Mystery 512
Teleportation 1024
Magnetism 2048
Effect Burst 4096
Dizzy Bomb 8192
Become Sentry 16384

Here are some example values for this ConVar:

  • Enable Blast and Gyrocopter: 64 + 16 = 80
  • Enable Teleportation and Super Bounce: 1024 + 1 = 1025
  • Enable Mega Mann, Shock Absorber, Super Jump, and Mystery: 128 + 2 + 8 + 512 = 650
  • Enable Time Travel only: 32 = 32

Keep in mind that Mystery cannot be the only powerup enabled, because it requires at least one other powerup enabled. If this happens to be the case, all powerups will forcibly be enabled. This will also happen if you attempt to set a number bigger than 32767, as that is the highest value that can be obtained with these bits.