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sm_fortressblast_event_xmas is a ConVar in Fortress Blast that was added in version 2.2.1. It controls the Christmas-themed (Smissmas) features of Fortress Blast. These features include the text "Fortress Blast" in the introductory message alternating between the colours red and green, and sleigh bells being audible when using the powerups Blast and Teleportation, accompanied by particle effects of snowflakes.

The value of the ConVar should be an integer between 0 and 2, each of which result in the following:

  • A value of 0 will prevent Smissmas features from appearing.
  • A value of 1 will allow Smissmas features to appear, but only during the Smissmas period according to Team Fortress 2 (default value).
  • A value of 2 will permanently allow Smissmas features to appear, regardless of the date.