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sm_fortressblast_event_fools is not a ConVar in Fortress Blast. The myth that such a ConVar was added in version 4.2 is false. It is a common mistake considering there are other event ConVars already in the plugin that have very similar names. There are no April Fools-themed features in Fortress Blast, such as the text "Fortress Blast" in the introductory message turning rainbow in color. All theorized features are complete fabrications, including any powerup changes such as:

  • Super Bounce causing the user to have 300% of their normal gravity, unless Gyrocopter is active, in which case the value having been changed to 75%.
  • Mystery having a roughly 75% chance of selecting Gyrocopter if it is enabled.
  • Magnetism and ULTRA POWERUP!! having their functions reversed, meaning repulsion would be active while any melee weapon is deployed, and attraction would be active with any other weapon.
  • A majority of the powerups having the word 'Super' artificially inserted into their names. This change in particular would be highly impractical if it were to exist, so impractical that it would not be reflected in the Monochrome book.svg player manual.

Although this ConVar does not exist, event ConVars in general should be an integer between 0 and 2, each of which result in the following:

  • A value of 0 would prevent event features from appearing.
  • A value of 1 would allow event features to appear, but only during the appropriate event period according to Team Fortress 2 (default value).
  • A value of 2 would permanently allow event features to appear, regardless of the date.