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For servers running standard maps and standard game modes, the basic installation is enough for a functional server, however, conflicts with the default settings of Fortress Blast Ultra are possible. This can lead to a varying amount of problems, from a poor user experience to serious game-breaking issues. It is always a good idea to tweak the values of the ConVars if Fortress Blast Ultra is incompatible with a certain map, game mode or plugin.

The following game modes and server features have advice on the best possible settings for each of them.

Arena[edit | edit source]

On servers where the Tf2 logo.png Arena game mode is a central focus, the rate at which powerups are dropped on maps without a .json file is too infrequent each round. This can be fixed by adjusting the value of the ConVar sm_fortressblast_drop_rate. A preferred value would be 100, giving everybody the opportunity to collect a powerup. Please note that this setup does not apply to Arena-based gamemodes with shifted balance, such as VS Saxton Hale.

Bonus rounds[edit | edit source]

As of version 4.3, it is now possible to safely load and unload Fortress Blast in the middle of a game, and it will react accordingly, adding or removing all entities it creates. That said, it is still recommended to keep the plugin loaded at all times and simply enable or disable features where necessary.

Fortress Blast contains ways to offload parts of the plugin so that it can be implemented as a bonus mid-game. First, set sm_fortressblast_drop, sm_fortressblast_intro and sm_fortressblast_powerups_roundstart to 0, and allow the plugin to be loaded at all times. Then, at the appropriate time, make the server execute the commands sm_fortressblast force and sm_respawnpowerups.

Gift Hunt[edit | edit source]

See the main article for optimal settings.

Mann vs. Machine[edit | edit source]

Due to restrictions in Team Fortress 2, there is no way to prevent players from collecting powerups. As a result, all .json files specifying powerup spawns on Tf2 logo.png Mann vs. Machine maps have spawns placed in areas or corners that bots would find undesirable to travel through. Drops can be disabled with the ConVar sm_fortressblast_drop set to 0 in `tf/cfg/server.cfg` (assuming only Mann vs. Machine maps are run on the server), and bots won't use powerups if sm_fortressblast_bot is set to 0.

On the other hand, if the intention is for bots to use powerups, drops can be utilised for this purpose. Even though it is not possible to control players using powerups, it can be controlled which teams drop them. Set sm_fortressblast_drop to 2 and sm_fortressblast_drop_team to 3 in the aforementioned .cfg file, and adjust sm_fortressblast_bot_min, sm_fortressblast_bot_max and sm_fortressblast_drop_rate to your liking. Using this method, bots will drop powerups behind them for other bots to collect.

PASS Time[edit | edit source]

In Tf2 logo.png PASS Time, the Special attack key is used for players to call for a pass. If the key is repeatedly pressed or held down, the player will be kicked from the server for spamming the call command. For this reason, it is not ideal to have the Special attack key also assigned to using powerups in Fortress Blast. To fix this, it is recommended that in the .cfg files for each PASS Time map on the server, the ConVar sm_fortressblast_action_use be set to reload, or some other action that is not attack3.

Maps with random spawns[edit | edit source]

Maps with randomised spawns (such as Hold the Flag maps) may have custom spawn protection that grants newly spawned players ÜberCharge for a limited amount of time. This adversely affects the powerups Magnetism, Dizzy Bomb and ULTRA POWERUP!!, for the map recognises the movement of players forced by these powerups as 'spawning', and thus gives them unintended immunity. To disable Magnetism and Dizzy Bomb, they need to be removed from the bitfield sm_fortressblast_powerups. To disable ULTRA POWERUP!!, set sm_fortressblast_ultra_spawnchance to 0.

VS Saxton Hale[edit | edit source]

VS Saxton Hale (or Freak Fortress 2) has one player on the BLU team with an enormous pool of health. Because of this, the game mode would be thrown out of balance if drops or the powerups Mega Mann or Frost Touch were enabled. All of these only serve to diminish the effectiveness of the Hale because of how they are one-sided benefits for the RED team. Drops can be disabled by setting sm_fortressblast_drop to 0. To disable Mega Mann and Frost Touch, they need to be removed from the bitfield sm_fortressblast_powerups.

Zombie gamemodes[edit | edit source]

There are multiple zombie-related gamemodes for Team Fortress 2, but the information presented here is based on two in particular: Zombie Survival and Zombie Fortress. Other zombie gamemodes often share similarities with one or the other.

Zombie Survival[edit | edit source]

In Zombie Survival, the BLU team can only use melee, and the RED team must use buildings to block their enemies. Because of this stark contrast between the two teams, it is difficult to implement Fortress Blast. Drops are mostly used by one team, so they should be disabled by setting sm_fortressblast_drop to 0. Additionally, the powerups Time Travel, Mega Mann, and Frost Touch should be disabled. To disable the regular powerups, they need to be removed from the bitfield sm_fortressblast_powerups. Lastly, Blast presents problems where the RED team's buildings can easily be destroyed, so sm_fortressblast_blast_buildings should be set to 0 to prevent this.

Zombie Fortress[edit | edit source]

Zombie Fortress (or Super Zombie Fortress) has the same problems as listed above, but in addition to this, its maps are very long and linear, based around several objectives that the RED team must run to capture. Each of these take a while to capture, meaning the RED team spends a lot of time waiting. For this reason, there should be fewer powerup spawns in intermediate areas, and a greater number near crucial areas like Control Points. Also, since the RED team is constantly moving forward in the map, at no point will an Engineer's Teleporter ever be of use, so Teleportation should be removed from the bitfield sm_fortressblast_powerups.