Recompiling code

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Before continuing, make sure that Fortress Blast is installed and working on your server.

The tf/addons/sourcemod/scripting/fortress_blast.sp file contains the uncompiled code that you can freely edit. To edit it, you need to have an understanding of SourcePawn (similar to C++).

Note that any changes you make to the uncompiled code will not be reflected in-game. Before you compile any changes to the code, you first need Fortress Blast's dependencies:

  • Download More Colors and place the .inc file into tf/addons/sourcemod/scripting/include.
  • Download Advanced MOTD and place the .inc file into the same directory as above.

Once the dependencies are installed, you can compile your changes by dragging the uncompiled code file into compile.exe or in the scripting directory. The compiler will create the file tf/addons/sourcemod/scripting/compiled/fortress_blast.smx. Move this into the tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins directory.

If the changed code compiles successfully and runs as expected in-game, you can fork the Github icon.png main repository and submit a pull request with a detailed description of what your changes do.