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The powerup model made by ChargingTurnip. All powerups use this model but differ in colour.

Powerups are spawned in set locations around a map at the start of a round (depending on the current map's associated .json file), and/or are dropped when players die (depending on the settings of the ConVar sm_fortressblast_drop and its sub-ConVars). Collecting a powerup will replace any already collected powerup on the player's screen.

Powerups that are spawned at the start of a round are permanent and respawn 10 seconds after being collected, however, powerups dropped on death only exist for 15 seconds upon spawn and do not respawn when collected. Particular powerups can be disabled by setting the value of the bitfield sm_fortressblast_powerups.

Powerup ID Color Description
Super Bounce 1 Blue This powerup lasts for 5 seconds, during which the user takes no fall damage, and is thrown into the air when they touch the ground based on their initial velocity. Gravity will reduce this velocity over time, meaning that jumping from a standstill will only net about 3 bounces.
Shock Absorber 2 Red This powerup lasts for 5 seconds, during which the user has 75% damage resistance, full knockback immunity and a red teleporter trail visible behind them.
Super Speed 3 Orange The user's speed is increased but gradually wears off.
Super Jump 4 Pink When this powerup is used, the user's upward velocity is immediately increased by 800. The only exception to this is when Mega Mann is active, in which case the upward velocity is only increased by 600.
Gyrocopter 5 Green This powerup lasts for 5 seconds, during which the user experiences 25% gravity.
Time Travel 6 Pale green This powerup lasts for 3 seconds, during which the user is invisible and cannot attack or use their grappling hook. Their maximum speed is also set to 520 Hammer units per second during this time.
Blast 7 Yellow When this powerup is used, an explosion is immediately emitted from the user, harming enemies. From full health, it is able to kill Scouts and other classes with 125 health at point-blank, but all other classes can only be injured.
Mega Mann 8 Gray This powerup lasts for 10 seconds. Upon use, the user becomes 75% larger than normal and is overhealed to 4 times their current health (except Heavy, only overhealed to 3 times), capped by the multiplied maximum health. When the powerup expires, the user is returned to normal size and all overheal is removed.
Frost Touch 9 Pale pink This powerup lasts for 8 seconds, during which a trail of slow-moving smoke is visible behind the user. If the user touches an enemy while Frost Touch is active, the enemy is frozen for 3 seconds.
Mystery 10 Black A completely randomised powerup. Upon use, it takes on the effects of another random enabled powerup. Unlike other powerups, Mystery cannot be the only powerup enabled.
Teleportation 11 Pale red 0.5 seconds after this powerup is used, the user is warped to a random active Teleporter belonging to their team. If there is none, they are instead respawned.
Magnetism 12 Dark green This powerup lasts for 5 seconds, during which enemies are attracted to the user if they have their melee equipped, and repelled if they have any other weapon slot equipped.
Effect Burst 13 Dull yellow When this powerup is used, all enemies within a particular radius of the player are afflicted with one of four random status effects per player: bleeding, burning, jarated or milked.
Dizzy Bomb 14 Bright blue When this powerup is used, all enemies 512 units of the player will experience 'dizziness', their view being rotated from side to side, controlled by the ConVars sm_fortressblast_dizzy_length and sm_fortressblast_dizzy_states.
Become Sentry 15 Bright pink When this powerup is used, the user is transformed into a Level 3 Sentry, and will remain stuck in place until they attempt to jump or attack while not being sapped or when the Sentry dies.
ULTRA POWERUP!! -1 White This powerup is a combination of several other powerups along with full crits for 10 seconds. It is extremely rare to find, its chance of spawning controlled by the ConVar sm_fortressblast_ultra_spawnchance.

Developer information[edit | edit source]

Powerups are tf_halloween_pickup entities that the plugin stores IDs for. All of these entities, including ones not spawned by Fortress Blast, are deleted at the start of a round to prevent duplicate powerups existing. This does not conflict with stock maps that use these entities such as Tf2 logo.png Carnival of Carnage.

The command sm_setpowerup can be used to set the equipped powerup of any player or group of players based on the ID of the desired powerup.

The powerup ID 0 differs within the code of Fortress Blast. When an entity has a powerup ID of 0, it signifies a gift in Gift Hunt. When a player has a powerup ID of 0, it signifies them not having a powerup. Collecting a gift will not remove a player's collected powerup.