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Mystery is the tenth powerup in Fortress Blast. It was added to Fortress Blast in version 1.0 and is a completely original powerup.

Mystery takes on the effects of another random enabled powerup upon use. Unlike other powerups, Mystery cannot be the only powerup enabled. It always randomly selects from all of the enabled powerups with an equal chance of selecting each, this chance is not affected by any ConVars despite what others may believe.

Developer Information[edit | edit source]

Mystery operates by setting the player's powerup to a random powerup that fits all rules defined for spawning according to the ConVar sm_fortressblast_powerups, but with an additional rule that prevents the chosen powerup from being Mystery. Immediately after this, the selected powerup is automatically used. Mystery is a powerup that does not have a use sound, since it simply plays the use sound of the powerup it picks.