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Mega Mann is the eighth powerup in Fortress Blast. It was added to Fortress Blast in version 0.4 and is inspired by the game Marble blast gold icon.png PlatinumQuest.

Mega Mann lasts for 10 seconds. Upon use, the user's model scale is set to 75% larger than normal, and they are overhealed to 4 times their current health. This overheal is capped at 4 times the user's maximum health. If the user is a Heavy though, the overheal and cap only goes up to 3 times. The user is also raised by 16 Hammer units to avoid getting stuck on slopes. When the powerup expires, the user is returned to normal size and all overheal is removed. The powerup cannot be used if using it would make the player stuck (e.g. inside a wall or the floor). Instances like this will turn the 'Collected powerup' text red.

Developer information[edit | edit source]

Mega Mann can be used to exploit into partially solid objects, hence why Fortress Blast kills players that enter enemy respawn rooms by default. If this powerup is disabled, the feature can be safely turned off by setting the ConVar sm_fortressblast_spawnroom_kill to 0.