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Magnetism is the twelfth powerup in Fortress Blast. It was added to Fortress Blast in version 3.0 and is an original powerup that uses an unrelated sound effect from Marble blast gold icon.png PlatinumQuest.

Magnetism lasts for 5 seconds, during which it has two different functions: attraction and repulsion. The attraction is active while any melee weapon is deployed, and repulsion is activated with any other weapon. This is always true and is not affected by any ConVars, despite what others may believe.

Attraction draws all enemies closer to the user at an exponential rate, being barely noticeable from far away but incredibly powerful at close range. Repulsion does the opposite, pushing enemies away from the player, making attacks from flamethrowers and other short-range weapons difficult. Repulsion is 25% stronger than attraction. While Magnetism is active, a trail of green circles appears underneath the player.

Developer information[edit | edit source]

Magnetism's effective range is 1024 Hammer units. If an enemy is within this range, the pull force of Magnetism is equal to 1024 minus the enemy's distance away from the user, divided by 1024, multiplied by 4 and squared. It is further multiplied by -1.25 if repulsion is active.