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To perform a basic install of Fortress Blast, complete the following steps:

  • Download the latest Rest in Pawn .zip file from the Rest in Pawn releases page and extract the addons folder into your server's tf folder.
  • Download the latest Fortress Blast Source code .zip file from the version history page or Github icon.png releases page and extract the contents of the tf folder into your server's tf folder.
  • Add the Fortress Blast custom materials, models and sounds included in the above download to your FastDL server.

The above install only comes with support for a limited number of official Team Fortress 2 maps. Visit the Github icon.png maps repository and download the master branch for even more map support of both official and custom maps. If a map you are hosting is not supported, first learn about the .json files Fortress Blast uses, and then you can create custom powerup or gift spawns of your own. Also, depending on your server's maps and game modes, server-specific setup may be required.

This basic installation does not allow you to edit and recompile the Fortress Blast code.