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Gift spawns for the miniature game mode Gift Hunt are defined exactly the same as powerup spawns, but are instead found in the file tf/scripts/fortress_blast/gift_spawns/<map name here>.json. All the rules when creating custom powerup spawns apply for gifts as well, but with the following exceptions:

  • Gifts spawn 8 Hammer units above their specified Z coordinates. This is to prevent them from touching and phasing through the ground.
  • Gifts spawn randomly around a map within their defined spawns, therefore it is preferable to avoid placing them in areas that are much easier to access by being on a particular team.
  • Gifts are intended to be placed much closer together, roughly 144 Hammer units apart. This means that the basic method described when creating custom powerup spawns is far more difficult, due to how much measuring and memorisation is required. The advanced method is highly recommended, though placing info_powerup_spawn entities is not necessary.
  • In addition to the optional attributes powerup spawns have, a gift spawns .json file has an additional optional boolean attribute called "attackdefense". If set to true, gifts will only start spawning after setup time ends, and the game timer is frozen until the RED team reaches the gift goal. This should be used for map game modes such as Attack/Defense and Payload.