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Gift Hunt is an optional miniature game mode included in Fortress Blast, inspired by Gem Hunt and Gem Collection from Marble blast gold icon.png PlatinumQuest. It was introduced in version 2.0 of the plugin, but was updated in version 3.0 to improve map support. Gift Hunt is only available on maps that have an associated .json file in the folder tf/scripts/fortressblast/gift_spawns.

In Gift Hunt, small gifts appear randomly around a map. The mission of each team is to collect a certain number of gifts, which allows capture of all objectives on the map. Above gifts are sprites that can be seen through some walls, allowing gifts to be found quicker. The number of gifts required to unlock the objective can vary between servers and player counts. If all the gifts on the map have been collected, more will appear.

Gift Hunt also has an Attack/Defense mode which can be enabled in a map's associated .json file. In this mode, gifts do not spawn until setup time is over and the round timer starts paused. If the BLU team collects the required number of gifts, their objective will unlock as normal, but if the RED team does so, the round timer will start ticking down.

In the event where it has been more than 1 minute since one team reached the gift goal, and the other team has not, the amount each collected gift is worth for the other team may increase every minute, depending on the server's preferences, to a maximum of 5 times normal.

Developer information[edit | edit source]

You can enable or disable the game mode with the sm_fortressblast_gifthunt ConVar. Like powerups, gifts in Gift Hunt are also tf_halloween_pickup entities, however they have a plugin-given ID of 0. Using the command sm_setpowerup @me 0 will only remove any equipped powerup and does not increment the collected gifts counter.

On Capture the Flag maps with Gift Hunt .json files, the extended time spent playing caused by Gift Hunt does not work well with the default number of required intelligence captures. It is recommended to change the value of tf_flag_caps_per_round from 3 to 1 on these maps through the server configuration files.