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This article is a stub, meaning that it is incomplete. There may be an issue with the described feature preventing the article from being finished.
Notes: Some ConVar pages have yet to be created.

ConVars can only be executed manually in the server console or automatically through .cfg files. Override the default values in tf/cfg/server.cfg, and insert map-specific values in tf/cfg/<map name here>.cfg.

ConVar Description Default
sm_fortressblast_action_use <button> Sets the input to watch for when a player wants to use a powerup. The following values are accepted: jump, duck, forward, back, use, cancel, left, right, moveleft, moveright, attack2, run, reload, alt1, alt2, score, speed, walk, zoom, weapon1, weapon2, bullrush, grenade1, grenade2 and attack3. attack3
sm_fortressblast_admin_flag <flag> Sets which admin flag is considered by Fortress Blast when allowing access to admin commands while debug mode is off. See the Sourcemod icon.jpg SourceMod wiki for what flags are allowed. z
sm_fortressblast_blast_buildings <0-100> Sets the percentage of damage dealt by the Blast powerup to enemy players that is applied to enemy buildings. 100
sm_fortressblast_bot <0-1> Disables or enables bots using powerups within a random amount of time. 1
sm_fortressblast_bot_min <#> Sets the minimum time after which bots will use a powerup. Requires sm_fortressblast_bot be set to 1. 2
sm_fortressblast_bot_max <#> Sets the maximum time before which bots must use a powerup. Requires sm_fortressblast_bot be set to 1. If this is lower than sm_fortressblast_bot_min, it will become equal to it instead. 15
sm_fortressblast_debug <0-1> Disables or enables debug mode, which displays debug messages in chat and lets all players on the server use the command sm_setpowerup. 0
sm_fortressblast_dizzy_length <#> The length of time Dizzy Bomb lasts in seconds. 5
sm_fortressblast_dizzy_states <#> The number of rotational states Dizzy Bomb uses. 5
sm_fortressblast_drop <0-2> Sets how the plugin should handle players dropping powerups on death. Note that dropped powerups do not obey gravity. If set to 0, players will never drop powerups. If set to 1, drops will only occur if the current map does not have powerup spawns. If set to 2, drops will always occur. 1
sm_fortressblast_drop_rate <0-100> Sets the chance that a player will drop a powerup on death, out of 100. Requires sm_fortressblast_drop be set to 1 or 2. 10
sm_fortressblast_drop_team <1-3> Sets the teams that will drop powerups on death. If set to 1, both teams will drop powerups. If set to 2, only RED players will drop powerups. If set to 3, only BLU players will drop powerups. Requires sm_fortressblast_drop be set to 1 or 2. 1
sm_fortressblast_event_fools <0-2> This ConVar is entirely fictional and acts as a placeholder item in this table, in order to educate people who for whatever reason believe it does exist. 1
sm_fortressblast_event_xmas <0-2> Sets whether Smissmas mode should be enabled. If set to 0, the event will never take place. If set to 1, the event will take place at the appropriate time according to Team Fortress 2. If set to 2, the event will be on permanently. 1
sm_fortressblast_gifthunt <0-1> Disables or enables the Gift Hunt gamemode on maps with gift spawns. 0
sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_countbots <0-1> Sets whether or not to count bots as players while generating the player-based Gift Hunt gift goal. 0
sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_goal <#> Sets the Gift Hunt gift goal for the first player group, such as when there is only one player on the server. 125
sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_increment <#> Sets how much the Gift Hunt gift goal should increase for each player group besides the first. Requires sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_players be set to a value between and including 1 and 31. 25
sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_multiply <0-1> Sets whether or not to multiply players' gift collections once they get behind. 1
sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_players <0-32> Sets how large each player group is when determining the new Gift Hunt gift goal. If a group is full and there are more players left, those players will be put into a new group, and so on. Values outside 1-31 prevent the gift goal from increasing. 4
sm_fortressblast_gifthunt_rate <0-100> Sets the chance that each gift spawn in a .json file will spawn a gift when there are no gifts left, out of 100. 20
sm_fortressblast_intro <0-1> Disables or enables automatically displaying the Fortress Blast introductory message. 1
sm_fortressblast_mannpower <0-2> Sets whether Mannpower powerups are replaced with Fortress Blast powerups on maps with a tf_logic_mannpower entity. If set to 0, Mannpower powerups are never replaced. If set to 1, replacing will only occur if the current map does not have an associated .json file. If set to 2, replacing will always occur. 2
sm_fortressblast_powerups <1-32767> A bitfield that denotes which powerups are enabled. A value outside of the possible range (or a value that only enables Mystery) will forcefully enable all powerups. Add the bits of your preferred powerups together to find the value you want. -1
sm_fortressblast_powerups_roundstart <0-1> Disables or enables automatically spawning powerups when a round starts. If set to 0, powerups will need to be spawned in with the command sm_respawnpowerups instead. 1
sm_fortressblast_spawnroom_kill <0-1> Disables or enables func_respawnroom entities killing enemies that touch them. This is recommended if the Mega Mann powerup is enabled, as it can be used to exploit into partially solid objects. 0
sm_fortressblast_ultra_spawnchance <0-100> Sets the chance that a newly spawned powerup will be ULTRA POWERUP!!, out of 100. 0.1