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Commands can be executed either in the in-game console, or by replacing sm_ with ! (for all players to see) or / (hidden from public) and typing the command into chat.

Command Description
sm_fortressblast Opens the Monochrome book.svg player manual in the user's HTML MOTD. The manual is designed to assist players in quickly learning how Fortress Blast works without overwhelming them with information. If using this command as an administrator, passing the parameter `force` will show the introductory message for all players instantaneously.
sm_coordsjson Prints the map coordinates at the crosshair to chat in a format that can easily be copied into a .json file.
sm_respawnpowerups Removes all powerups from the map and respawns them at any appropriate powerup spawns.
sm_setpowerup <name> <-1 or 1-15> Sets a player's powerup by ID number. Can only be used by server administrators unless the ConVar sm_fortressblast_debug is set to 1. The name specified can be all or part of a player's name, or one of the following tags: @me, @aim (player at crosshair), @all, @red, @blue, @humans or @bots. The name of the client can be omitted if self-applying a powerup.
sm_spawnpowerup <-1 or 1-15> Sets a powerup by ID number at your crosshair. Can only be used by server administrators.